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Equinox ceased publishing this journal in 2022. For all enquiries, please contact [email protected].

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Mediation Theory and Practice is an international forum for original, peer-reviewed research about mediation, as well as practice and events reports, policy discussions and innovations in mediation training and education. The journal’s approach is multidisciplinary and it is a resource for academics, practitioners, trainers, and policy makers. Mediation is understood in its broadest context, with the journal publishing the latest research and practice focused on understanding the causes of and solutions to interpersonal, intergroup and international human conflict. It welcomes work on all forms of mediation, from family, community and medical mediation to civil, intergenerational, commercial and peer mediation, as well as on related approaches to alternative dispute resolution.

Mediation Theory and Practice welcomes empirical, theoretical and practice-based articles which displays originality in terms of their theoretical developments, use of empirical materials, transfer and exchange of knowledge between academic, practitioner and policy audiences. Other pieces include policy articles, ‘rapid response’ discussions, special themed issues, conference and event reports, brief translations of key articles originally published in languages other than English, discussions of innovative strategies for mediation training, profiles of key figures in the field, and reviews of recent books on mediation and related topics. Overall, articles address the implications of theory and research for informing practice and vice versa.

The editors welcome the submission of the following types of material for publication in the journal: Research Articles (typically reporting the results of empirical research or theoretical pieces), Practice Articles (typically reporting both training teaching practice, contextualized in current debates, and including reflections on research but focused particularly towards concrete guidance for practice; these can include case studies), Policy Articles (as previously but with a particular focus on local, regional, national or international mediation policy), Rapid Responses (typically responding to live debates in mediation research, practice or policy with the aim of fast-tracked publication), Conference and Event ReportsBook ReviewsReview Essays, and Prize Articles (articles that have been awarded MTP prizes). Submitted articles deemed by the editor to be suitable for consideration in the journal were subject to a blind, peer review process. 

ISSN: 2055-3501 (print)
ISSN: 2055-351X (online)