Trinitarian Theology and the Politics of Nature


  • Peter Manley Scott University of Glocestershire



trinitarian theology of nature, politics of nature


This article argues that Christian theology of nature faces two central questions: (1) when engaging the modern concept of nature, should theology accept the modern concept or seek to undermine it? (2) Given that the reality of nature is various and must include some account of the politics of the concept, how should theology engage with such politics? It is argued that a Christian, trinitarian theology of nature should be developed by, first, ‘ecologising’ its notion of nature; and, second, by seeking to overcome in dialectical fashion the modern concept of nature in favour of a notion of creatureliness that is both natural and political.

Author Biography

  • Peter Manley Scott, University of Glocestershire
    Lecturer in Theology and Academic Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Gloucestershire, Francis Close Hall, Swindon Road, Cheltenham, GL50 4AZ, UK


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