Operation Noah—The Community Climate Change Campaign


  • Paul Bodenham Operation Noah



Operation Noah, climate change, Kyoto Protocol, clean electricity


Operation Noah is a campaign about climate change for churches and community groups. It enables them to take action, both as citizens at the national and international level, and as consumers at the personal level, by encouraging people to join the ‘Climate Covenant’. The Kyoto Protocol represents only a start to the urgent worldwide task to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Operation Noah will build a mandate to encourage the UK government to take a lead in negotiations for a long-term safe and just resolution to the climate crisis. It also shows how people, churches and other groups can switch to clean electricity as a first step to delivering the
solution. The campaign recognizes a spiritual dimension to the climate crisis, which requires a contribution to be made to public debate from a faith perspective. The stories of Noah and the Rainbow Covenant have relevance for our own time, and include symbols full of potential for creative expression. The campaign enables churches and other groups to offer a prophetic witness, in a manner that is both attractive and challenging.

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Paul Bodenham, Operation Noah

Co-ordinator of Operation Noah, Corner Cottage, Main Street, Langar, Nottingham NG13 9HE



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