Anarchy in the UK? GM Crops, Political Authority and the Rioting of God


  • Peter Manley Scott University of Manchester



GM crops, Arendt, liberal society, eschatology


In 2004, the UK government approved the commercial growing of GM maize. This article considers the legitimacy of that decision by exploring for Britain the roots of political experience in liberal society and Christian community. Through an analysis of the different popular responses to genetically based medical therapies and GM foods, the unclear status of nature in liberal thought is highlighted. From there, an account is given of roots of Christian political experience by reference to the resurrection of Christ and the rioting of the Spirit. Drawing on Arendt (1958/1998), the roots of Christian political experience are sourced to actions that are both social and ecological. The legitimacy of the decision to permit the growing of GM maize is then tested against the political authority in Christianity, and is found wanting.

Author Biography

Peter Manley Scott, University of Manchester

Lecturer in Christian Social Thought & Director of the Lincoln Theological Institute School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, The University of Manchester, Humanities, Lime Grove, Manchester M13 9PL, UK


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