Shifting Directions

A Reply


  • Seth D. Clippard Hung Kuang University of Technology



Confucianism, cosmology, environmental education, Zhu Xi


In this response, I argue that Confucian environmentalism, based on an investigation of the natural world forms a solid basis for a program of Confucian environmental education. This program provides an alternative to approaches that first seek to determine the philosophical foundation of environmental positions. While there should be multiple approaches to Confucian environmentalism, these approaches need not rely on arguments that may not persuade an audience that resonates with Confucian sensibilities.

Author Biography

Seth D. Clippard, Hung Kuang University of Technology

PhD, Buddhism, Religion and Nature, Religious Environmentalism, Rhetoric



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Clippard, S. D. (2016). Shifting Directions: A Reply. Journal for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture, 10(1), 77–90.