The Evolution of Green Christianity


  • Michael S. Northcott University of Edinburgh



Christian, environmentalism, divine, creation, evolution, ecological, Protestantism


Review article: Celia Deane-Drummond, Christ and Evolution: Wonder and Wisdom, Fortress Press, 2009, pp. xx and 300, Christopher Southgate, The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution and the Problem of Evil, Westminster John Knox Press, 2008, pp. xii and 196, Mark I. Wallace, Green Christianity: Five Ways to a Sustainable Future, Fortress Press, 2010, pp. xvii and 181, Norman C. Habel and Peter Drudinger (eds.) Exploring Ecological Hermeneutics, Society of Biblical Literature, 2008, pp. xiv and 183.

Author Biography

  • Michael S. Northcott, University of Edinburgh
    Professor of Ethics, University of Edinburgh


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