Native American Traditions, Depth Psychology, and Postcolonial Theory


  • Joy H. Greenberg Independent Scholar



indigenous spirituality, essentialism, postcolonial theory, depth psychology, ecopsychology


Vine Deloria, Jr., C.G. Jung and the Sioux Traditions: Dreams, Visions, Nature, and the Primitive (ed. Philip J. Deloria and Jerome S. Bernstein; New Orleans: Spring, 2009), xvii + 226 pp., $25.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-1-882670-61-1. Bernstein, Jerome S., and Nancy Cater (eds.), ‘Native American Cultures and the Western Psyche: A Bridge Between’, Spring 87 (Special Issue, 2012), 268 pp., $25.95 (pbk), ISBN: 978-1-935528-39-5.

Author Biography

Joy H. Greenberg, Independent Scholar

PhD in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute (2012); MFA in creative nonfiction from California State University Chico (2004).


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