Christianity and Ecological Ethics

The Significance of Process Thought and a Panexperientialist Critique of Strong Anthropocentrism


  • Jan Deckers University of Newcastle



nature, materialist, dualist, ecological ethics, process thought


Christianity has contributed to the development of a strong anthropocentric ethic. Christian theologians have developed new ways of thinking about the place of humans in nature, often by focussing on the God-humanity relationship. Thinking about the third component of the metaphysical trinity, nature, has largely remained unchanged. Christian theology needs to make an ontological detour or tour de force to overcome lingering materialist and dualist conceptions of nature, and to embrace key aspects of process thought, most notably panexperientialism. This will pave the way for the required weak anthropocentric ethic.

Author Biography

Jan Deckers, University of Newcastle

Lecturer in Health Care Ethics, School of Population and Health Sciences, The Medical School, University of Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE2 4HH


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