Introduction to the Journal of Islamic Archaeology


  • Bethany J. Walker University of Bonn



Islamic archaeology


It is my pleasure and great honor to be able to pen these words, introducing a journal that should have come to light years ago. This is not the first journal dedicated to the archaeology of the Islamic world. Some, fortunately, continue to be published; others, to our discipline’s loss, have been discontinued. There has been a palpable gap in publication venues, as a result, which archaeologists in the field lament at nearly every conference, workshop, and professional meeting we attend. There is no single place to go to read about developments in the discipline, to share ideas and methods and project concepts. Most field reports and ceramic studies—which have constituted the core of our publications—are to be found in dispersed, regional journals of limited distribution. There has been, until now, no venue which covers the Islamic world in its broadest chronological and geographical extent. This journal fills these gaps and offers even more. 

Author Biography

Bethany J. Walker, University of Bonn

Bethany Walker is Research Professor of Mamluk Studies at the Annemarie Schimmel Kolleg of the University of Bonn in Germany. An archaeologist and historian, her research has been published in numerous American, European, and Middle Eastern journals in both fields. With over twenty years field experience in the eastern Mediterranean, she directs two long-term archaeological projects in Jordan (the Tall Hisban excavations and the Northern Jordan Project), and is affiliated with numerous others in the region. Her recent monographs include Jordan in the Late Middle Ages: Transformation of the Mamluk Frontier and her edited Reflections of Empire: Archaeological and Ethnographic Studies on the Pottery of the Ottoman Levant.

Walker's research in recent years has focused on rural societies, the dynamics of state-village relations, medieval Islamic environmental and agricultural history, local resource management, and ceramic analysis (primarily transitional and coarse wares).






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