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Bethany Walker is Director of the Research Unit of Islamic Archaeology and Research Professor of Mamluk Studies at the University of Bonn in Germany. An archaeologist and historian, her research has been published in numerous American, European, and Middle Eastern journals in both fields. With over twenty years field experience in the eastern Mediterranean, she directs two long-term archaeological projects in Jordan (the Tall Hisban excavations and the Northern Jordan Project), and is affiliated with numerous others in the region. Her recent monographs include Jordan in the Late Middle Ages: Transformation of the Mamluk Frontier and her edited Reflections of Empire: Archaeological and Ethnographic Studies on the Pottery of the Ottoman Levant. Walker's research in recent years has focused on rural societies, the dynamics of state-village relations, medieval Islamic environmental and agricultural history, local resource management, and ceramic analysis (primarily transitional and coarse wares).

Book Review Editor

José Cristóbal Carvajal López did his undergraduate degree and his PhD in the University of Granada (Spain). He then held a Marie Curie Intra European Fellowship in the University of Sheffield (UK), became lecturer of Islamic Archaeology in UCL Qatar (2013-2017) and a lecturer of Historical Archaeology at the University of Leicester (UK) (2018-2023). Since 2023 is a Scientific researcher (equivalent to Associate Professor) at the Institute of Heritage Sciences (Incipit) in the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC) of Spain. His specialist field as an archaeologist is pottery and material culture in general, primarily in Iberia and Qatar, but he also has experience in landscape and architectural archaeology. He focuses on archaeological study of the Islamic culture, mainly in the process of Islamization and in interactions of Islam with other cultures. He searches for approaches that combine anthropological theory on material culture and analyses with scientific techniques.

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