The Idyllic Sublime

A Dialog on the Pastoral Style in Westerns


  • Michael Beckerman Department of Music, New York University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • William H. Rosar University of California, San Diego



western pastoral tradition in film, music and the sublime


Michael Beckerman and William H. Rosar explore, in dialogue fashion, the role of music in the Western pastoral tradition in film.

Author Biographies

Michael Beckerman, Department of Music, New York University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Czech and Eastern European music; Janacek, Dvorak, Martinu; nationalism, Gypsies, Mozart, Brahms, Gilbert and Sullivan, Schubert, and film music. He received the Janacek Medal from the Czech Republic and is a Laureate of the Czech Music Council. He lectures widely and writes regularly for the New York Times.

William H. Rosar, University of California, San Diego

Founding and current editor of Journal of Film Music


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Beckerman, M., & Rosar, W. H. (2010). The Idyllic Sublime: A Dialog on the Pastoral Style in Westerns. Journal of Film Music, 2(2-4), 251–262.