About the Journal

Martin J. Ball, Prifysgol Bangor University, Cymru (Wales)
Joan Rahilly, Queen’s University Belfast, United Kingdom

Mission and Focus
The aim of the Journal of Connected Speech is to provide a platform for the study of connected speech in both its formal and functional aspects. In particular, areas of these fields which have not been covered well in other journals are emphasized. One concern is transcription, including the transcription of fine phonetic detail in conversational interaction (interactional phonetics), and of suprasegmental aspects of speech, such as intonation, tone, and stress. Discourse studies (including those within a Conversation Analysis framework) are also included.

Articles may address both theoretical and pedagogical aspects, and provide examples from typical and non-typical interaction. On the functional side, approaches which emphasize phonology in use and psycholinguistically plausible theories are prioritized. These include systemic phonology, cognitive models of phonology, and psycholinguistic models of speech production and perception. Finally, articles which examine connected speech in lesser reported languages are especially welcome.

The journal is associated with the book series Studies in Phonetics and Phonology.

Publication Frequency 
2 issues per volume year.

ISSN 2977-1420 (print)
ISSN 2977-1439 (online)