Forthcoming Issues


JCH 7.1

Special Issue: History and Historiography: The Interplay between Religion and Cognitive Science in Asian and Middle-Eastern Traditions

Guest Editor: Jed Forman


If not Now, When? Reclaiming Academic Journals as a Space of Kindness
Irene Salvo

New Perspectives on Ancient Texts

The Highs and the Lows of Construal Level Theory in the Community Rule from the Dead Sea Scrolls
Melissa Sayyad Bach

Guest Edited Articles

Introduction: What is Religion?
Jed Forman

Perhaps an Other Time: An Interdisciplinary (Re)Consideration of Historical Anthropology in View of the Cognitive Science of Time, Cultural Models Theory, and the Stems and Branches Chinese Calendrical System
Julia McClenon

Out of Sight: Yogic Perception, Extramission, and Intellectual History
Jed Forman

Investigating and Contextualizing Dramaturgical Perspectives: Insights from Abhinavagupta and Social Psychology
Roman Palitsky, Isaac Young, and Benjamin Williams

“Big Gods” in Ancient Mesopotamia: The Cultural Evolution of Supernatural Protectors Panayotis Pachis
Karolina Prochownik

Fear and Terror in Buddhist Meditation: A Cognitive Model for Meditation-Related Changes in Arousal and Affect
Jared Lindahl, Willoughby Britton, and David Cooper

Cognitive Historiography: Perception, Construal, and Context
Glen Alexander Hayes