Introduction to the Special Issue

(Con)spirituality, Science and COVID-19


  • Anna Halafoff Deakin University
  • Enqi Weng Deakin University
  • Alexandra Roginski Deakin University
  • Cristina Rocha Western Sydney University



Science and COVID-19, Science, COVID-19, (Con)spirituality, spirituality



Author Biographies

Anna Halafoff, Deakin University

Anna Halafoff is an Associate Professor of Sociology and co-coordinator of the Religion, Society and Culture Network at Deakin University. She is the current President of the Australian Association for the Study of Religion (since 2021) and is also a member of the Alfred Deakin Institute’s Science and Society Network and AVERT (Addressing Violent Extremism and Radicalisation to Terrorism) Research Network.

Enqi Weng, Deakin University

Enqi Weng is a Research Fellow at the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation and co-coordinator of the Religion, Society and Culture Network at Deakin University. Her most recent publications include the monograph Media Perceptions of Religious Changes in Australia: Of Dominance and Diversity (Routledge, 2020).

Alexandra Roginski, Deakin University

Alexandra Roginski is a historian and visiting fellow at Deakin University and the State Library of New South Wales. Among her publications, she is the author of The Hanged Man and the Body Thief: Finding Lives in a Museum Mystery (Monash University Publishing, 2015).

Cristina Rocha, Western Sydney University

Cristina Rocha is Professor of Anthropology and the Director of the Religion and Society Research Cluster, Western Sydney University, Australia. She was a fellow at the Paris Institute for Advanced Study (2021–2022). She is a former President of the Australian Association for the Study of Religion (2018–2019) and co-edits the Journal of Global Buddhism and the Religion in the Americas Brill series.


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