The Multifaith Movement and Common Security


  • Anna Halafoff Monash University



multifaith, networks, peacebuilding, religion, risk


Multifaith initiatives have been increasingly implemented to counter global risks—such as terrorism and climate change—and advance common security in Western societies. This paper examines the rise of multifaith engagement in the twenty-first century, drawing on 42 semi-structured interviews with leading multifaith practitioners in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Building upon Brodeur’s (2005) typology, I identify four principal aims and six characteristics of the multifaith movement. In addition, I propose a new theoretical framework that I term netpeace, which recognises the interconnectedness of global problems and solutions and the capacity of multi-actor peacebuilding networks—including religious actors—to collaboratively overcome the most pressing risks of our times.

Author Biography

Anna Halafoff, Monash University

Anna Halafoff is a lecturer at the School of Political and Social Inquiry and a researcher for the UNESCO Chair in Interreligious and Intercultural Relations—Asia Pacific, Monash University, Australia. Prior to joining Monash, Anna coordinated the Religion and Peace Program at the International Conflict Resolution Centre, University of Melbourne.


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