Shahab Ahmed and the Hermeneutics of Islam


  • Milad Milani Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University



Shahab Ahmed, hermeneutics, Islam, Heidegger, Thomas Sheehan, authenticity


In the posthumously published book, What is Islam? The Importance of Being Islamic (2016), Shahab Ahmed (1966–2015) presented a new conceptualisation of Islam to address two points: to re-conceptualise Islam in terms of contradiction, and re-present what it meant to be Islamic as a challenge to existing conceptualisations. This article argues that Ahmed’s rethinking of Islam/Islamic is properly situated as a revivalist catholic hermeneutics, and as such, his conceptualisation is a reworking of insider discourse writ large. It further examines Ahmed’s hermeneutics through a Heideggerian lens.

Author Biography

Milad Milani, Senior Lecturer, Western Sydney University

Dr Milad Milani is Senior Lecturer in Religious Studies, specialising in Sufism and Islamic history, at the School of Humanities and Communication Arts at Western Sydney University.


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