Gnostic Islam

Transformations of Classic Gnostic Speculation in Muslim Thought


  • Garry W. Trompf The University of Sydney



religion, Islam, Gnosticism, Gnosis, Gnoseology, Shi‘ism


This article constitutes a brief introduction to Gnostic Islam, assessing the inheritance and transformations of classic Gnostic speculation in Muslim thought and practice, especially in Shi‘a theologies and Sufism. The survey covers both esoteric and exoteric aspects.

Author Biography

  • Garry W. Trompf, The University of Sydney

    Garry W. Trompf is Emeritus Professor in the History of Ideas and Adjunct Professor in Peace and Conflict Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Sydney. His work most relevant to this article is The Gnostic World (2019), edited with Gunner Mikkelsen and Jay Johnston, assisted by Milad Milani and Brikha Nasoriaia.


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