Histories of Religious Identity and the Irish


  • Dianne Hall Victoria University




Gender, religious identity, violence, Ireland, Australia


Researching medieval women necessitates the study of religion-bothreligious practice and religious identity. While sources may be limited forindividual faith and religious practice, there remains ample evidence forthe importance of religious identity shaping the lives of medieval religiouswomen. While finding religious women in the sources from medieval Irelandwas an important early project in my career, my later research intohow gender formed understanding and memory of religious violence hasprovided more nuanced analysis of the role of religion in the lives of Irishpeople in the past. The reach of Irish religious history has proved to belong and the conflicts over religious identity from Ireland continued toinform how Irish migrants and their children understood their new homesin Australia.

Author Biography

Dianne Hall, Victoria University

Dianne Hall is Associate Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of SustainableIndustries and Liveable Cities, Victoria University, Melbourne. She teachesEuropean history and writes on the histories of religion, gender, violence and memory.She has published widely on medieval and early modern Irish history as well as thehistory of the Irish in Australia. Her latest book was co-authored with Elizabeth Malcolm,A New History of the Irish in Australia (NewSouth, 2018).


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