Intercultural Theology and the Historicity of Thinking

Reconstructing the Current German Discussion in Philosophical Perspective


  • Dirk-Martin Grube Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam



Schmidt-Leukel, transmission-centered approach, Ustorf, neo-Kantianism, ethnocentricity, historicisty, (Christian) Other, Feldtkeller, Küster


In this article, I analyze the German-speaking discussion on the discipline of Intercultural Theology. Among others, I criticize Schmidt-Leukel’s suggestion to define it as interreligious theology. This definition being somewhat arbitrary, I suggest reconstructing it under the parameters of philosophical and cultural insights that acknowledge the historicity of thinking and the ethnocentricity of justification. This move allows to allows “transmission-centered approaches” to be replaced by “context-sensitive” ones that honor the subject status of the Christian Other.

Author Biography

  • Dirk-Martin Grube, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    Dirk-Martin Grube, Ph.D. 1991 (Temple University, Philadelphia), Habilitation 1999 (University of Kiel, Germany), Chair of Religious Diversity and the Epistemology of Theology/Religion at VU University, Amsterdam, works at the intersection between philosophy and theology. He has published and edited monographs on Christology, ethics, contingency, Paul Tillich, Joseph Margolis and more than fifty articles on Alvin Plantinga, William James, Thomas Kuhn, (New) Atheism, et al. Most recently, he has edited a special issue on Religious Diversity: Philosophical Perspectives, International Journal of Philosophy & Theology 76(5) and the anthology Interpretation and Meaning in Philosophy and Religion (Brill 2016)


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