Open Access/Archiving

Please note that there are no page rates or other charges associated with publication in this journal. Submission and publication are free.

However, all Equinox journals offer the GOLD option, whereby, subject to the payment of a fee and following acceptance, authors can have their paper published Open Access.  See details of that policy here, including fees. 

In addition, the journal publishes editorials and reviews and from time to time, other material open access.  This material may not be reproduced, amended or in any way altered. It may not be used in classroom texts or any other form of commercial or non-commercial reproduction. For permission to reuse any material from the journal, please contact Val Hall.


Funder Compliance: UKRI, Wellcome, and NIHR

We also comply fully with the requirements of the above funders by offering the GREEN Open Access option (Route 2).

Where required by their funder, authors retain the right to distribute their author accepted manuscript (AAM), such as via an institutional and/or subject repository (e.g. EuropePMC), under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence for release no later than the date of first online publication. 

The accepted manuscript (also known as the ‘postprint’) is the version of the work that has been accepted by the journal following peer review and includes all amendments made during that process, but which has not yet been branded, typeset, or copyedited by the publisher in any way. 

Please read our policy regarding author self-archiving here