Three Short Case Studies of Non?Religious Spiritual Care

Connecting with Nature, Gentle Touch, and Non-Theistic Personal Prayer


  • Roni Almog Bait-La-Ruach, Spiritual Care Center, Mishmar-Ha-Emek, Israel
  • Omer Shafrir Bait-La-Ruach, Spiritual Care Center, Mishmar-Ha-Emek, Israel
  • Rachel Shavit Hematology Dept. Ziv Medical Center, Zefat, Israel
  • Nirit Ulitzur Rambam Medical Center



non-religious, nature, personal prayer, spiritual care


Unlike Western countries with a majority of Protestant citizens, initiatives in the field of spiritual care provision in Israel have involved mostly lay leadership and secular individuals from their very inception, rather than clergy and religious adherents. This religiously neutral position made it easier for spiritual care to be accepted across the varied sub-populations that compose the unique mosaic of Israeli culture. Adhering to a religiously neutral approach led to the use of a broader set of tools in order to reach people in their time of distress. Currently, there are about 130 certified spiritual caregivers in Israel who graduated from four accredited training programs. This article describes three short case studies, in which we can see the benefits of three such neutral approaches – connecting with nature, gentle touch, and non-theistic personal prayer.

Author Biography

  • Nirit Ulitzur, Rambam Medical Center
    Assistant Researcher and certified Spiritual Caregiver Oncology Dept Rambam Medical Center Haifa Israel


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Almog, R., Shafrir, O., Shavit, R., & Ulitzur, N. . (2021). Three Short Case Studies of Non?Religious Spiritual Care: Connecting with Nature, Gentle Touch, and Non-Theistic Personal Prayer. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 9(1), 113–124.