Inclusivity in UK Pastoral, Spiritual, and Religious Care

A Humanist Perspective


  • David Savage Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network



non-religious, pastoral, humanist, humanism, chaplaincy


The perspective in this study sees “the non-religious” not as people without a religion, but as people with sincerely and seriously held non-religious beliefs. As people who want, and should have, the opportunity to both give and receive like-minded pastoral care. The key elements of good non-religious pastoral care practice are described. While real progress has been made in introducing non-religious pastoral care, huge barriers are preventing its effective development. These include recruitment and communications. Working together to remove these barriers can help to ensure that everyone receives appropriate pastoral, spiritual, and religious care. Forming a care service that is better, fairer, and stronger, one fit for the twenty-first century. A person-centered service, putting patients first; all patients, those with religious beliefs and those with non-religious beliefs.

Author Biography

  • David Savage, Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network

    Dr. David Savage is the author of Non-Religious Pastoral Care: A Practical Guide, and he took a leading role in establishing the Non-Religious Pastoral Support Network. He has provided pastoral care at Guy’s and St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust since 2012, and was the first non-religious person to successfully complete their spiritual healthcare department’s two-year professional training course.


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