Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in a Children's Hospice


  • Kay Gilchrist Rachel House, Kinross



chaplaincy, children, families, profound needs, spiritual, individual


Kay Gilchrist, chaplain at Scotland’s children’s hospice, Rachel House, gives us a frank and personal insight into chaplaincy and spiritual care in this specialised field and setting. Reflecting on the atmosphere in the hospice, her own personal gifts, experiences and development, and the different needs of patients and their families, we are given a unique look into this special place and experience. Holding to a traditional understanding of faith in the face of the challenging questions of children is not easy. We discover each child needs an individual response, and often one that is personal and innovative

Author Biography

Kay Gilchrist, Rachel House, Kinross

Kay Gilchrist is full-time chaplain at Rachel House, Kinross.


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Gilchrist, K. (2013). Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care in a Children’s Hospice. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 26–28.