• John Banks Ailsa Hospital, Ayr




Language, listening, neutrality, religious and secular spirituality


This is an extract from a dissertation submitted for the MA in Healthcare Chaplaincy, University of Leeds. The dissertation is a reflection on the current literary interest in spirituality within healthcare. While eager to listen and learn from those several disciplines that contribute to the debate, there is a concern that chaplains do not acquiesce in a ‘spurious mutuality’. If chaplains simply accept the current ‘post modern vacuousness’ about spirituality it could serve to rob the other disciplines of the contribution which chaplaincy is uniquely placed to offer. If our colleagues in healthcare are to reach their desired destination of holistic care, then they deserve the best that chaplaincy can offer in the present debate on Spirituality.

Author Biography

John Banks, Ailsa Hospital, Ayr

Rev. John Banks is full-time chaplain to Ailsa Hospital, Ayr.


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