• Mark Hamilton Aberdeen Maternity Hospital



infertility, rationing, donation, surrogacy, abortion


The author acknowledges the considerable advancements in the management of the infertile that have taken place in recent years and seeks to explore the fundamental ethical issues that inevitably arise. The rationing of services for financial or organisational reasons is explored, and other questions are raised: Does the donor of sperm or eggs have the right to anonymity or is that an infringement of the child’s right to information on their genetic make up? Should there be an upper age limit for women and men for donation and treatment? With genetic diagnosis sex can be determined, and abnormalities detected, what are the links with that information to abortion? A very thought provoking article that concludes with a personal comment on the polarised stances these ethical issues raise, and the place of the Christian healthcare professional somewhere in the middle, alongside the patients.

Author Biography

Mark Hamilton, Aberdeen Maternity Hospital

Dr MPR Hamilton MD, FRCOG is Consultant Gynaecologist at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital, Foresterhill


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