Spiritual Care in NHS Scotland

A Unitarian Response


  • Andrew Hill St. Mark's Unitarian Church




healthcare, religion, medicine


The author identifies the best practice of spiritual and religious care as encompassing the ‘non-religious, alternatively religious and differently religious’, an approach which accords well with the Unitarian tradition. He therefore welcomes the recognition in ’Spiritual Care in NHS Scotland’ of the breadth of spiritual care which the NHS chaplain is called upon to provide, but expresses concern lest ‘the spiritual element’ should become simply another NHS specialism,, when it is the concern and province of all.

Author Biography

  • Andrew Hill, St. Mark's Unitarian Church

    Andrew M. Hill is minister at St. Mark's Unitarian Church, Edinburgh.


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Hill, A. (2013). Spiritual Care in NHS Scotland: A Unitarian Response. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 6(1), 27-28. https://doi.org/10.1558/hscc.v6i1.27