Perspectives on ‘Agenda for Change'


  • Carol English Amicus/ College of Health Care Chaplains
  • Blair Robertson South Glasgow University Hospitals
  • Tom Gordon Marie Curie Hospice Edinburgh



agenda for change, chaplaincy, direct employment, NHS


Agenda for Change is in the process of being implemented throughout the NHS. Those chaplains who are directly employed are already involved in this process, and anticipate that for both full and part time chaplains it will have a profound effect on pay, terms and conditions of employment, and professional development. This article offers three perspectives on Agenda for change; they explore some of the benefits that it is expected to bring, but also touch on some of the difficulties along the way to implementation.

Author Biographies

Carol English, Amicus/ College of Health Care Chaplains

Carol English is Lead Officer for Health Care Chaplains in Amicus/ College of Health Care Chaplains

Blair Robertson, South Glasgow University Hospitals

Blair Robertson is Chaplaincy Coordinator, South Glasgow University Hospitals Division

Tom Gordon, Marie Curie Hospice Edinburgh

Tom Gordon is chaplain, Marie Curie Hospice Edinburgh






How to Cite

English, C., Robertson, B., & Gordon, T. (2013). Perspectives on ‘Agenda for Change’. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 30–32.

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