The Janki Foundation

A Values Approach to Spirituality and Health


  • Astrid Bendomir Janki Foundation
  • Stephanie Morrison The Robert Gordon University



Janki Foundation, spirituality, spiritual values, values in healthcare


The Janki foundation is a UK based charity focusing on spirituality and health. Its modular training programme ‘Values in Healthcare – a spiritual approach' explores healthcare professionals' understanding of spirituality and personal values, and how these relate to their professional lives. Such an approach promotes self awareness and examination of core values, and helps combat the stress and low self worth which can affect HCPs. The Janki foundation holds that spiritual values are at the centre of healthcare, and affirms that the development of a values based culture within healthcare has transformative potential

Author Biographies

Astrid Bendomir, Janki Foundation

Astrid Bendomir is Janki Foundation co-ordinator Scotland

Stephanie Morrison, The Robert Gordon University

Stephanie Morrison is lecturer in the school of health sciences,The Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.


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