Professionalisation and Disclosure

an Outsider's Viewpoint


  • W. Graham Monteith Church of Scotland (retired)



chaplaincy, disclosure, professionalisation


The fact that hospital chaplaincy is becoming more professional is to be welcomed. However, if ministry in a healthcare setting is to be successful, it must involve more than the exercise of professional skills. The chaplain must be seen as the equal of all, of whatever rank or professional status. Chaplaincy requires the involvement of a unique personality, and a degree of disclosure of the essential self which goes beyond the professional persona. The chaplain needs a certain freedom to use the self as a means of giving spiritual care. The author makes a plea for an understanding of the role of personal attributes and personalities in successful chaplaincy.

Author Biography

  • W. Graham Monteith, Church of Scotland (retired)

    W. Graham Monteith is a retired Church of Scotland minister and writer on theology and disability






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Monteith, W. (2013). Professionalisation and Disclosure: an Outsider’s Viewpoint. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 9(1), 31-32.