Reflecting on risk taking

enabling parents to co-create ritual following the death of their baby in-utero


  • Ewan Kelly St Columba's Hospice



Bereavement by the death of a baby in-utero, chaplaincy, co-construction, ritual


Qualitative research undertaken with bereaved parents who have ritually marked the life and death of their baby who has died in-utero is outlined. The significance for bereaved parents of sharing in the co-construction of naming/blessing ceremonies and/or funerals with a chaplain, as well as participating in the ritual itself is described. A short theological reflection on the risk involved for chaplains in entering into such relationships with bereaved parents is also offered.

Author Biography

Ewan Kelly, St Columba's Hospice

Ewan Kelly is chaplain at St Columba's Hospice and a part-time lecturer at the School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh.


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Kelly, E. (2013). Reflecting on risk taking: enabling parents to co-create ritual following the death of their baby in-utero. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 15–20.