• Lindsay B. Carey La Trobe University
  • Ronald Davoren Australian Health & Welfare Chaplains Association



Inter-faith, pastoral care, chaplain / chaplaincy


This paper explores the inter-faith pastoral care provided by Australian Christian health care chaplains to patients and their families of non-Christian religions in public hospitals within the culturally diverse western suburbs of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia). Chaplains completed an ‘Inter-Faith and Pastoral Care Questionnaire' followed by an in-depth interview designed to explore the strategies, techniques, knowledge and resources of chaplains ministering to adherents of traditional non-Christian religions. The majority of chaplains were found to have provided pastoral care to people of non-Christian faiths utilizing a variety of pastoral strategies. Differences were noted between Catholic and Protestant chaplains, and between lay and ordained chaplains, particularly concerning their knowledge of non-Christian faiths and their use of resources. It is argued that future chaplaincy personnel need to be better trained in order to maximize the effectiveness of inter-faith pastoral care.

Author Biographies

  • Lindsay B. Carey, La Trobe University

    Rev. Dr. Lindsay B. Carey, M.App.Sc., Ph.D., is Research Fellow in Pastoral and Palliative Care at the Palliative Care Unit, School of Public Health, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and National Research Officer for the Australian Health & Welfare Chaplains Association. He is also a Specialist Reserve Chaplain with the Australian Defence Force

  • Ronald Davoren, Australian Health & Welfare Chaplains Association

    Fr. Ronald P. Davoren, M. Min., is the State Secretary of the Australian Health & Welfare Chaplains Association, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia.


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Carey, L., & Davoren, R. (2013). INTER-FAITH PASTORAL CARE AND THE ROLE OF THE HEALTH CARE CHAPLAIN. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 11(1), 21-32.