• Lindsay Carey La Trobe University
  • Christopher J. Newell † formerly, University of Tasmania



Chaplains, chaplaincy, pastoral care, In Vitro Fertilization


This paper summarizes the quantitative and qualitative exploratory research findings concerning the pastoral interventions undertaken by Australian health care chaplains when assisting patients and clinical staff involved in IVF procedures. Differences between staff and volunteer chaplains are noted as are the perspectives of chaplaincy informants regarding their involvement in IVF. Some possible reasons why chaplains may not be involved in IVF procedures are also suggested. Implications of this study with respect to chaplaincy utility, training and future research are noted.

Author Biographies

Lindsay Carey, La Trobe University

Rev. Dr. Lindsay Carey, MAppSc, PhD, is Lecturer and Research Fellow in Palliative and Pastoral Care at the School of Public Health, La Trobe University (Melbourne Australia).

Christopher J. Newell †, formerly, University of Tasmania

Rev. Prof. Christopher J. Newell, AM, PhD, was the Associate Professor at the School of Medicine, University of Tasmania (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) and Associate Priest at St. David's Cathedral, Hobart (Tasmania). He died on the 21st of June 2008. Memorial services were conducted at All Saints Anglican Church, Hobart (1st July 2008) and the Sir Stanley Burbury Theatre, University of Tasmania (3 rd July 2008


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