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Guidelines for Spiritual care, CEL, spiritual care policies, chaplaincy, education, faith/belief communities, recommendations


This article describes the launch and content of Revised Guidelines on Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy in NHS Scotland 2008. A Chief |executive's Letter based on the report is under consultation before being distributed. The report consolidates and develops the guidance of HDL (2002) 76. A survey of developments was carried out. Relevant recent documents were consulted and their function explained. A series of recommendations was made concerning work in boards concerning policies, service provision and employment. Relationships with faith/belief communities, Data protection, and chaplaincy provision were examined. Feedback has been and is being welcomed prior to finalised CEL. The integration of spiritual care to health and wellbeing is an ongoing journey.

Author Biography

Chris Levison, NHS Education Scotland offices in Glasgow

Chris Levison is Healthcare Chaplaincy Training and Development Officer/ Spiritual Care Adviser based at the NHS Education Scotland offices in Glasgow.


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Spiritual Care and Chaplaincy in NHS Scotland 2008. Revised Guidance, Report and Recommendations.



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Levison, C. (2013). REVISING THE GUIDELINES: STEPS ALONG THE WAY. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 7–9.

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