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hospice, chaplain, narrative, story, hold, multi-disciplinary


What do chaplains do? The rising interest in relation to spiritual care leaves questions: what activities (if any) are intrinsic to chaplaincy? Where (if at all) does the spiritual merge with the religious? And how does this relate to the overall pursuit of holistic well-being? As an investi-gative and reflective exercise, interviews were conducted with palliative care chaplains. The re-sulting data suggests a focus of activity around the eliciting, holding and representing of the stories of patients and their families, all exercised with reference to the multi-disciplinary team.

Author Biography

Stuart M. Coates, Strathcarron Hospice

Rev Stuart M Coates is the chaplain at Strathcarron Hospice, Randolph Hill, Denny FK6 5HJ


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Coates, S. (2013). UPHOLDING THE PATIENT NARRATIVE IN PALLIATIVE CARE: THE ROLE OF THE HEALTHCARE CHAPLAIN IN THE MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM. Health and Social Care Chaplaincy, 17-21. https://doi.org/10.1558/hscc.v13i1.17

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