Co-Ordination of Bereavement Care


  • Peter Wimpenny The Robert Gordan University
  • Caroline Pretty NHS Lothian
  • Andrew Russell NHS Tayside
  • Alan Fraser Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland



bereavement, service development, medical teamwork


The authors argues that someone, such as a bereavement co-ordinator, who can connect all the people and the processes involved in bereavement care, will improve health outcomes for bereaved relatives and carers and ensure that the current disjointed provision of bereavement care is ameliorated.

Author Biographies

Peter Wimpenny, The Robert Gordan University

Lecturer, the Robert Gordon University

Caroline Pretty, NHS Lothian

Bereavement Co-ordinator, NHS Lothian

Andrew Russell, NHS Tayside

Medical Director, NHS Tayside

Alan Fraser, Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland

Chair, Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland.


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