The Challenge of Change


  • Meg Burton NHS Foundation Trust



Challenge, change


It is often said that people do not like change, but change happens continually, whether we like it or not, to us as individuals as well as to the societies in which we live and work. The articles in this issue of Health and Social Care Chaplaincy all speak of change in one form or another, and you may find some of it challenging.

Author Biography

  • Meg Burton, NHS Foundation Trust

    Meg is Head of Chaplaincy for the Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust. She moved to this post in October 2012, having previously served as Lead Chaplain and Deputy Chaplaincy Manager for 6 years based at Bassetlaw District General Hospital, Worksop, and 6 years as Chaplain based at Doncaster Royal Infirmary. While a Methodist Minister in circuit in the 1990s, she was Free Church Chaplain at Rampton Hospital. Meg completed her MA in Healthcare Chaplaincy at the University of Leeds in 2004. Her dissertation was entitled, The Role of the Chaplain in the Multi-disciplinary Palliative Care Team, for which she worked in a hospital in Brampton, Ontario, Canada for part of her research. She is now Joint Secretary for Healthcare Chaplaincy for the Free Churches Group. She was most recently Editor of the Journal of Health Care Chaplaincy.


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