Recent Interpretations of the Laws of Zak?t with Regard to People with Disabilities: A Comparison with Classical Fiqh


  • Vardit Rispler-Chaim University of Haifa



Islamic law, contemporary fatwas, disability, zakat


Zak?t is considered the earliest social solidarity system that does not depend on voluntary charity but on orderly periodic government support. In this article I trace interpretations of the zak?t laws on people with disabilities in the past and the present in respect of two main questions: is a disabled person subject to zak?t taxation? and does a disabled person qualify as a beneficiary of funds collected through the zak?t taxation? The main conclusions are that if and when the economic situation of people with disabilities is similar to that of the healthy, they are subject to taxation. People with disabilities become beneficiaries of zak?t funds only when they are “poor,” “needy,” and unable to support themselves, but never only because of the disability.

Author Biography

Vardit Rispler-Chaim, University of Haifa

Vardit Rispler-Chaim is Associate Professor in the Department of Arabic language and Literature, at the University of Haifa, Israel.


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