East by Mid East: Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities


  • Anchi Hoh Library of Congress, Asia Division
  • Brannon Wheeler United States Naval Academy




silk road, regional politics, Middle East, Asia-Middle East Studies, Muslim-Confucian relations, transnational allegiances, strategic relations


This volume provides a multi-disciplinary and trans-regional approach to the historical roots and continued development of ties between the Middle East and Asia, from Muslim-Confucian relations to nuclear technology exchange between China and Saudi Arabia. The papers are contributed by specialists who live, research, and have spent considerable time in the Middle East and Asia including institutions in Japan, Israel, China and Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Kuwait, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, North Africa, Indonesia, Lebanon and Syria, India and Kashmir, Egypt, and Korea. The contributors include academics, policy makers and consultants, leaders in international business, law professionals, and military. The goal of this edited volume is to reach out to the research, diplomatic, and commercial communities. The subjects are addressed to attract individuals and groups from academia, think-tanks, NGOs, members of Congress, the US government, the private sector, and those involved in the policy-making, strategic planning, and public diplomacy in the fields of transnational studies, across-cultural comparison, international relations, energy security, global Islamism, Islamic fundamentalism, and terrorism. The chapters in this volume are broadly divided into three main areas: (I) Cultural and Historical Connections (II) Transnational Allegiances and Local Culture in Asia, and (III) Strategic Relations between Asia and the Middle East.

Author Biographies

Anchi Hoh, Library of Congress, Asia Division

Anchi Hoh is Head of Collection Services, Asian Division, Library of Congress and Editor for Journal of Middle East and Islamic Studies in Asia. She holds a Ph.D and two MAs in Middle Eastern and Jewish Studies and an MLS. She is a recipient of the 2009 Library of Congress Madisonian Award.

Brannon Wheeler, United States Naval Academy

Brannon Wheeler is the founding Director of the Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies and Professor of History at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. He is the author and editor of eight books and other articles focusing on the History of Religions, Islamic Studies, and the history of the Middle East. His most recent book is Mecca and Eden: Ritual, Relics and Territory in Islam (University of Chicago, 2006). He is also the former editor of this Journal.


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Hoh, A., & Wheeler, B. (2012). East by Mid East: Studies in Cultural, Historical and Strategic Connectivities. Comparative Islamic Studies, 7(1-2), 1–11. https://doi.org/10.1558/cis.v7i1-2.1