Individualized Programs of Evaluation


  • Ira H. Peak, Jr. University of Missouri-Columbia



grading, evaluation, pedagogy, undergraduate education, religious studies


“The Archive” brings you selections from the Bulletin’s history to give you perspective on the history of currents in the field. In this edition, we bring you a piece from CSSR Bulletin (1991: 20.2) by the late Ira H. Peak, Jr. (d. 1915), an ethicist who worked at a number of North American universities throughout his career. While teaching at the University of Missouri—Columbia, Peak experimented with what he described as “the Evaluation Menu,” a pedagogical framework for empowering students to participate in the whole of the learning experience—even its grading.



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Peak, I. H. (2022). Individualized Programs of Evaluation. Bulletin for the Study of Religion, 50(3), 115–118.