Editorial Team


Richard Newton received his PhD in Critical Comparative Scriptures from Claremont Graduate University.

Dr. Newton’s areas of interest include theory and method in the study of religion, African American history, the New Testament in Western imagination, American cultural politics, and pedagogy in religious studies. His research explores how people create “scriptures” and how those productions operate in the formation of identities and cultural boundaries. He has published an array of journal articles, book chapters and online essays. His book, Identifying Roots: Alex Haley and the Anthropology of Scriptures (Equinox 2020), casts Alex Haley’s Roots as a case study in the dynamics of scriptures and identity politics with critical implication for the study of race, religion, and media. He is also the curator of the  multimedia professional development network, Sowing the Seed: Fruitful Conversations in Religion, Culture, and Teaching.

Editorial Assistants

  • John Bernardi, University of Alabama, USA
  • Caitlyn Bell, University of Alabama, USA
  • Morgan Frick, University of Alabama, USA

Advisory Board

  • Serawit Bekele Debele, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity, Denmark
  • Breann Fallon, Sydney Jewish Museum, Australia
  • Mitsutoshi Horii, Shumei University, Japan and Chaucer College Canterbury, UK
  • Craig Martin, St. Thomas Aquinas College, USA
  • Suzanne Owen, Leeds Trinity University, UK
  • Steven Ramey, University of Alabama, USA
  • Vaia Touna, University of Alabama, USA