Religion & Theology with Gerhard van den Heever


  • Gerhard van den Heever University of South Africa



Religion & Theology, Gerhard van den Heever, University of South Africa, religious studies, theology, theory, praxis, publishing, journals, transdisciplinarity


Gerhard van den Heever presents the history of the journal Religion & Theology, from its start as an in-house theological journal for the University of South Africa to its current frame as an international publication for the transdisciplinary study of religion and theology as discourse formation. Van den Heever presents insights into the journal’s management and shares insights for those interested in submitting their research.

Author Biography

Gerhard van den Heever, University of South Africa

Professor, School of Humanities, Biblical and Ancient StudiesUniversity of South Africa.


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van den Heever, G. (2021). Religion & Theology with Gerhard van den Heever. Bulletin for the Study of Religion, 49(3-4), 25–26.



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