Humor and Religion

An Interview with David Feltmate


  • Matt K. Sheedy University of Manitoba
  • David Feltmate Auburn University at Montgomery



David Feltmate, Peter Berger, Eliot Oring, The Simpsons, South Park, Family Guy, the sociology of knowledge


An interview by Matt Sheedy with David Feltmate on Religion and Humor. This interview first appeared on the blog Bulletin for the Study of Religion in April, 2013.

Author Biographies

  • Matt K. Sheedy, University of Manitoba

    Matt Sheedy is a PhD. candidate in the Department of Religion, University of Manitoba, Canada.

  • David Feltmate, Auburn University at Montgomery

    David Feltmate teaches Sociology of Religion at Auburn University at Montgomery. Trained as a sociologist of religion in the University of Waterloo’s Joint-Ph.D. Program in Religious Studies with Wilfrid Laurier University (Ontario, Canada), Dr. Feltmate specializes in the sociology of religion, religion and popular culture, religious diversity, the sociology of humor, and sociological theory. His ongoing research interests lie in the ways that people have used humor to discuss religious issues in the public and private spheres and the politics of controversial representations of different religious groups in North America. His articles have appeared in online and print journals and he is currently revising and expanding his dissertation “Springfield’s Sacred Canopy: Religion and Humour in The Simpsons” for publication.








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Sheedy, M., & Feltmate, D. (2013). Humor and Religion: An Interview with David Feltmate. Bulletin for the Study of Religion, 42(3), 43-46.