Editor's Corner: NAASR Membership and the 'Bulletin for the Study of Religion'

An Important Announcement and a Personal Reflection


  • Philip L. Tite University of Washington




NAASR, Bulletin for the Study of Religion, Equinox, theory, Michel Foucault


The Editor’s Corner is an occasional space for the editors of the Bulletin to share their own, brief musings on theoretical or professional issues facing the discipline. Most of the short essays included, such as the one below, will first appear on the Bulletin’s blog. Our hope is that this section will open fresh lines of dialogue, debate, and theoretical reflection, with the editors playing a role as interlocutors with Bulletin readers (much as they do on the Bulletin’s blog). This particular musing comments on the recent Bulletin subscription agreement between Equinox and NAASR, while also exploring the importance of theory as a focus for a religious studies journal.

Author Biography

Philip L. Tite, University of Washington

Philip L. Tite is an Affiliate Lecturer at the University of Washington and an adjunct instructor at Seattle University in Seattle WA USA. He holds a PhD degree from McGill University (2005) and has authored several books and articles. His most recent books include The Apocryphal Epistle to the Laodiceans: An Epistolary and Rhetorical Analysis (TENT, 7; Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2012) and Valentinian Ethics and Paraenetic Discourse: Determining the Social Function of Moral Exhortation in Valentinian Christianity (NHMS, 67; Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2009). As a specialist in the study of early Christianity, in particular Valentinian Gnosticism, Tite has strong interests in elucidating social processes at work in the study of religious phenomena. He also has strong interests in method and theory, religion and violence, and pedagogical issues in the academic study of religion.


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Tite, P. (2016). Editor’s Corner: NAASR Membership and the ’Bulletin for the Study of Religion’: An Important Announcement and a Personal Reflection. Bulletin for the Study of Religion, 44(4), 50–51. https://doi.org/10.1558/bsor.v44i4.29053