"Trauma Makes You"

An Interview with Donovan O. Schaefer


  • Donovan O. Schaefer Trinity College, Oxford University
  • Matt Sheedy University of Manitoba
  • Nathan Rein Ursinus College




religious studies, affect theory, evolution, animals


Matt Sheedy (U. of Manitoba) and Nathan Rein (Ursinus Coll.) interview Donovan O. Schaefer (Trinity Coll., Oxon.) about his 2015 book, Religious Affects: Animality, Evolution, and Power.


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Schaefer, D., Sheedy, M., & Rein, N. (2016). "Trauma Makes You": An Interview with Donovan O. Schaefer. Bulletin for the Study of Religion, 45(2), 45-55. https://doi.org/10.1558/bsor.v45i2.30903