The White Rabbit

An Exhortation for Busy Adjunct Teachers


  • Mindie Dieu Central Washington University



literacy, teaching, pedagogy, higher education


The life of an adjunct is never slow. This essay looks into the professional and personal life of a community college teacher working at multiple colleges who wonders, like many others, how she will hold it all together and provide the quality of teaching that her students deserve.

Author Biography

Mindie Dieu, Central Washington University

Mindie Dieu is a researcher and lecturer at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. She earned her doctorate in English Education from The University of Oklahoma in 2011. She has taught in public schools, the prison system, and in universities and colleges across Oklahoma. After nine years of teaching freshman composition, she still loves that students show her the world. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest and blogging.



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Dieu, M. (2013). The White Rabbit: An Exhortation for Busy Adjunct Teachers. Writing and Pedagogy, 5(1), 23–29.



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