Book Reviews

Reviews Editors
Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Tallinn University, Estonia

Eyo Mensah, University of Calabar, Nigeria

Potential books for review in Sociolinguistic Studies

Please email Anastassia Zabrodskaja and Eyo Mensah, Reviews Editors for further details. 

Edgar W. Schneider. (2020) English around the world. Cambridge: CUP.

Raymond Hickey. (2019) English in the German-speaking world. Cambridge: CUP.

Raymond Hickey (ed) (2019) English in multilingual South Africa. Cambridge: CUP.

Axel Bohmann. (2019) Variation of English worldwide: Registers and global varieties. Cambridge: CUP.

Sandro Sessarego. (2019) Language contact and the making of an Afro-Hispanic vernacular. Cambridge: CUP.

Angela Cora Garcia. (2019) How mediation works: Resolving conflict through talk. Cambridge: CUP.

Thomas Ricento. (ed) (2019) Language politics and policies: Perspectives from Canada and the United States. Cambridge: CUP.

Stefan Dollinger. (2019) Creating Canadian English: The professor, mountaineer and a national variety of English. Cambridge: CUP.

Jennifer Smith and Mercerdes Durham. (2019) Sociolinguistic variation in children language. Cambridge: CUP.

Martha Komter. (2019) The suspectis statementtalk and text in the criminal process. Cambridge: CUP.

Tim McNamara. (2019) Language and subjectivity. Cambridge: CUP.

John Russel Rickford. (2019) Variation, versatility and change in sociolinguistics and creole studies. Cambridge: CUP.

Richard J. Watts and Franz Andres Morrissey (2019) Language, the singer and the songThe sociolinguistics of folk performance. Cambridge: CUP.

Penelope Eckert. (2018) Meaning and linguistic variation: The third wave in sociolinguistics. Cambridge: CUP.

Cecelia Cutler and Unn Royneland. (2018) Multilingual youth practices in computer mediated communication. Cambridge: CUP.

Yuling Pan, Mandy Sha and Hyunjoo Park. (2019) The sociolinguistic of survey translation. New York: Routledge.

Peter I. De Costa, Dustin Crowther and Jeffrey Maloney (2019) Investigating world EnglishResearch methodology and practical applications  (1st ed). New York: Routledge

Enam Al-wer and Uri Horesh. (2019) The Rontledge handbook of Arabic sociolinguistics. New York: Routledge

Camilla Vasquez. (2019) Language creativity and humour online. New York: Routledge

Frank Van Splinder. (2019) Language is politics. New York: Routledge

Mike Baynham and Tong King Lee. (2019) Translation and translanguaging. New York: Routledge

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Jos Hornikx and Frank Van. (2020) Foreign languages in advertising. New York: Springer.

Patrick Kiernan. (2018) Language, identity and cycling in the new media age. New York: Springer.

William Jennings and Stefan Pfander. (2018) Inheritance and innovation in a colonial language. New York: Springer.

Ellen Hurst and Fridah Erastus. (eds) (2018) African youth languages: new media, performing arts and sociolinguistic development. New York: Springer.

Rob Drummond. (2018) Researching urban youth language and identity. New York: Springer.

Finex Ndhlovu. (2018) Language, vernacular discourse and nationalism. New York: Springer.

James Hawkey (2018) Language attitude and minority rights: The case of Catalan in France. New York: Springer.

Gassaway, Hill and Mary Lynne (2018) The language of protest, act of performance, identity and legitimacy. New York: Springer.

Danielle Watson. (2019). Police and the policed: Language and power relations on the margins of the global south. New York: Springer.

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Jay M. Woodhams. (2019) Political identity in discourse: The voices of New Zealand voters. New York: Springer.

Marianne Turner. (2019) Multilingualism as a resource and a goal. New York: Springer.

Adina Staicov. (2020) Creating belonging in San Francisco Chinatown’s diasporic community. New York: Springer.