A Profile of Muslim Growth

Edmonton, A Brief Overview


  • Earle Waugh University of Alberta Author
  • Jenny Wannas University of Alberta Author
  • Maryam Razavy University of Alberta Author
  • Soraya Hafez University of Alberta Author




Islam in Canada, Sunni community, historical sketch, religion in Edmonton


An important component of the study of Islam in Canada would be a compilation of short histories of the most significant mosque communities in the country. This would give the reading public a snapshot of the tradition in situ. This selection is a gesture towards such a study. It highlights the principle achievements of the Edmonton Sunni community in its development from a tiny Lebanese Muslim community to a thriving, multidimensional religious enterprise that embraces more than fifty different nationalities and ethnic
groups. As the oldest community in Canada, it represents how the tradition has adapted and grown in Canadian culture, despite major international occurrences like 9/11. Its story in encapsulated here as a contribution to the way the religion of the Prophet has become part of Canadian complexity.


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