The Search for “Meaning”: Occult Redefinitions and the Internet


  • Morandir Armson University of Sydney



Contemporary Paganism, Magic, Internet occultism, occult sciences


Many fields of specific knowledge develop their own terminology and language, redefining and redeveloping the language as the area develops. The field of the occult is no different. Over the years, many authoritative occult writers have developed their own definitions and, indeed, entire conceptual frameworks within which they operate. As the concept of magic is central to most occult frameworks, the definition of magic has been continuously refined. Within weblogs, web forums and discussion groups these terms are frequently the subject of heated debate, producing definitions which are constantly in motion. The definitions of these terms are of interest to the scholar of the occult, as well as to researchers on new religious movements (NRMS) and popular mysticism, as they are required for the investigation and discussion of many occult phenomena. Changes to these terms directly lead to changes of meanings, and as a result, shifts in the paradigm or framework within which the phenomena are discussed.

Author Biography

Morandir Armson, University of Sydney

Morandir Armson is a PhD candidate in the Department of Studies in Religion, University of Sydney, Australia


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