Mark Williams, <i>Ireland’s Immortals: A History the Gods of Irish Myth</i>


  • Carole M. Cusack University of Sydney



Irish Mythology, Irish Gods, Medieval Irish Literature


Mark Williams, Ireland’s Immortals: A History the Gods of Irish Myth (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2016); xxx, 578 pp., $39.50 (hardback).

Author Biography

Carole M. Cusack, University of Sydney

Carole M. Cusack is Professor of Religious Studies at the University of Sydney. She researches and teaches on contemporary religious trends (including pilgrimage and tourism, modern Pagan religions, NRMs, and religion and popular culture). Her books include Invented Religions: Imagination, Fiction and Faith (Ashgate, 2010) and (with Katharine Buljan) Anime, Religion, and Spirituality: Profane and Sacred Worlds in Contemporary Japan (Equinox, 2015). In 2016 she became Editor of Fieldwork in Religion, and she is also Editor of Literature & Aesthetics (journal of the Sydney Society of Literature and Aesthetics).




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Cusack, C. M. (2018). Mark Williams, <i>Ireland’s Immortals: A History the Gods of Irish Myth</i>. Pomegranate, 20(1), 122–124.


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