Song of the Car, Song of the Cinema: Questioning ‘Semi-Orthodox’ Pagan Rhetoric about ‘Nature’


  • Ieuan Jones



environmentalism and religion, contemporary paganism, British pagans


This article takes a detailed and questioning look at the way Pagans have tended to conceptualize ‘Nature’. It holds that Pagan culture is dominated by what could be regarded as a ‘semi-orthodox’ viewpoint on the subject, which holds that notions of enchantment are synonymous—or at least broadly congruous—with ‘natural’ forces, with the logical and ideological corollary that those elements deemed to be ‘non-natural’ are therefore intrinsically antithetical to magical sensibilities to some degree. Drawing from academic and Pagan sources (the latter including interviews with practicing Pagans), its intention is not so much to ‘disprove’ this type of view, but rather to critique the assumption that it represents a fundamental or defining feature of the Pagan phenomenon, as opposed to a rhetorical and cultural adjunct.

Author Biography

Ieuan Jones

Ieuan Jones received a doctorate from the University of York in 2005 for his sociological thesis on modern British Paganism. Since then he has had a number of academic writings published, along with various pieces of music journalism, and is currently writing a paper on the Black Metal phenomenon.


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